Culture Eats Strategy (and everything else) For Breakfast


Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” management consultant Peter Drucker famously said. He was talking about his experience of seeing even good strategies fail because they weren’t aligned with an organization’s nuanced and often implicit patterns of beliefs, behavior, and actions.

The same holds true when we think about an organization’s ability to 1) meaningfully use information to guide decisions and actions and 2) describe, document and demonstrate its impact.

Organizations that truly embrace the continuum of inquiry, reflection, sense making and adaptability posses:

  • Formal and systematic processes and practices that continuously ask the question of "so what?" In other words, how does this decision or action contribute to or support impact?
  • Clarity of intention and definitions of “what success would look like”
  • Resources (i.e., time, technology and talent)
  • Engaged and committed organizational leadership

If the above are lacking in your organization, than culture has added more than strategy to the menu.