That capital "P" reflects our team's collective approach to our client engagements. by working across sectors and issues, our partnerships inform and refine our approach and the contribution we make to our clients and colleagues as they ascend to new heights. We believe partnerships are vital to realizing equity.

Established in 2002, jdcPartnerships is a minority woman-owned consulting firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our ideal clients are philanthropic, public- and social-sector organizations striving to create a more equitable society. We support their efforts and magnify their impact using an approach that integrates strategy formation and planning, evaluative inquiry and practice, and leadership development and capacity building.

These ideas are central to everything we do:

  • OUR CLIENTS ENGAGE IN IMPORTANT WORK; our role is to contribute to their continued success.
  • OUR CLIENTS ARE OUR PARTNERS; together we advance their missions and contribute what we learn about effective solutions to the broader non-profit community.
  • CULTURE AND CONTEXT MATTER; they inform strategy formation, execution, and evaluative practice.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL LEARNING IS NOT ENOUGH; it must be used to inform the decisions and actions that contribute to impact and sustainability.
  • LESSONS LEARNED THROUGH EVALUATIVE INQUIRY CAN INFORM DECISIONS related to all aspects of organizational functioning, impact, and sustainability.
  • WE WANT TO MAKE REAL AND ENDURING IMPROVEMENTS in the lives of those who have been traditionally marginalized or whose voices are not heard. We are committed to supporting organizations and initiatives with an explicit social justice or equity agenda.
  • COLLABORATION AND PARTNERSHIP ARE NECESSARY to realize the structural changes required to create an equitable society.

To explore how our approach to strategy, evaluative inquiry, and leadership development might benefit your organization, please us at e-mail or call 415-482-783