Evaluative Capacity Building

The adage “know thyself” has been around for millennia. But how well do public, social-sector and philanthropic organizations know themselves? The emerging discipline of evaluative thinking provides a framework for intentional, self-reflective inquiry that can have profound effects on the capacity to create maximum, lasting impact.

Evaluative thinking is a core competency for strong, healthy organizations. It is at once an attitude and a “cognitive process, motivated by inquisitiveness and a belief in the value of evidence.” (Archibald, 2013) The self-reflective practice of evaluative thinking means considering not just actions and efforts, but the actual impact of an organization. Once integrated into an organization’s culture, evaluative thinking becomes an essential element in every endeavor, from human resources to technology and development.

Because we want our work to have an lasting impact, evaluative thinking is the foundation of our approach to client engagements. We help our clients build their own evaluative thinking practices. We guide them in creating processes and systems that integrate self-reflection, self-defined inquiry, and continuous learning into their organizational culture.

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