We support our clients in sharing their learnings with other organizations and the broader field. We collaborate with them on journal articles, case studies, reports, and other publications. 

At jdcPWorkshops.com, we teach individuals/organizations so they can determine and utilize information most needed and appropriate to inform decisions and take actions that demonstrate and support impact. We develop and share our own tools, resources from external sources, processes, and original thinking for the benefit of the field and the communities we serve.


Here, we offer you our own publications and presentations in the hope of furthering your work and increasing your impact. 

PUBLICATIONS & PRESENTATIONS is a collection of our original thinking, including articles published in peer-reviewed journals, work we have been invited to present at conferences, and the theoretical frameworks that are central to how we engage with clients.

To learn more about how we partner with clients to develop materials that work in their organizations and inform the broader field, please email us at info@jdcpartnerships.com or call 415-482-7839.