Leadership Development

The relationships we build with clients, and our constant attention to capacity building support leadership development in all of our engagements — whether it is a defined objective or not.

We leverage established and emerging wisdom from the field to engage with you in ways that are holistic and transformational, are attuned to existing capacity, and are informed by an understanding of your readiness as an organization or an individual.

Our capacity-building work supports your organization’s leaders at all levels by helping them:

  • Understand where they are on the leadership pathway and where the organization is in its life cycle
  • Reflect on and face the reality of the environment
  • Identify what they can and can’t control
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Determine priorities
  • Assess options
  • Develop and implement a plan to build and sustain evaluative practices
  • Integrate ongoing and systematic reviews and reflection on how information is shared and used to make decisions and guide actions