But intention is not enough; to grow, the seed needs nourishment from water and good soil. Philanthropic, public- and social-sector organizations are positioned to do good in society. To maximize their efforts requires alignment among—and commitment to—the disciplines of strategic planning, evaluative thinking, and leadership development. jdcPartnerships helps our clients understand and pursue these activities with purpose and intention, so they can recognize and achieve their full potential.

The benefits of working with jdcPartnerships are tangible, transformative, and sustainable. We partner with our clients to:

  • Strengthen your ability to design, describe and understand the impact of your programs by fostering an evaluative culture that integrates strategy, learning, evaluation, and impact in alignment with your mission
  • Improve your capacity to use information systematically in decision-making by articulating a strategic framework to guide decision making
  • Enhance your marketability for funders, partners, and clients, by boldly articulating your “value-add”
  • Help your organization function more smoothly, from improved board and staff cohesiveness to clearer, more compelling communications
  • Integrate proven tools and processes into your organization’s way of working
  • Strengthen your organization's commitment and ability to achieve greater social equity through evaluative thinking and supportive practices, structures and systems

To learn more about how your organization might benefits from working with us, please e-mail us at info@jdcpartnerships.com or call 415-482-7839.