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Thriving: Getting in the Air Again

Somewhere en route from IAD(DC) to SFO(SF). Right above the clouds. 

About Noon EST. I have been up since 5:30 am. Window seat. 

Sparkling water. Makeshift charcuterie and fromage from my hotel food-hoarding habits.


I didn’t realize how much I missed it – no, how much I require air travel until I took off from the airport and watched the planet and the humans fortunate enough to be current inhabitants diminish in size in relation to the splendor of all that is not person-made. 

Water, clouds and sky. Oh and the light.

The sun was such that water, clouds and sky were the same tone and color, making more apparent the difference in their textures and relationship to the terra (but also their complementary relationships to and with one another).

They remind me that I am insignificant.

For me, this perspective and distancing is essential to how I am able to thrive in this world at this time.

There is this moment when I am above or right about to move through the clouds where all is still and my mind is clear and open. I am awestruck and humbled.

This reaction is not in response to the wonder of science and engineering, although I remain amazed by air travel, but that I am blessed to be part of an ecosystem of simplicity and complexity. There is an unimaginable beauty possible if--  and I believe when– we embrace each other’s full humanity not as distinct from but part of our own. Deep interdependence and love.

That belief grounds my time here and guides my responses to what others in relationship with me might ask of me.

To be of service.


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