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new approaches

Jara has a history of contemplating big ideas, then working in partnership to make them more widely available. 

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people, efforts, & organizations

For more than 25 years, Jara has used her expertise to coach, consult, and serve.

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curiosity & conversation

Jara shares ideas, questions the status quo, and amplifies other voices.

"As an organization committed to systems change, Jara consistently worked with us to innovate new ways to reflect and learn from our impacts from an individual, organizational, community and systems level."

Kimberly Aceves-Iniquez

Executive Director & Co-Founder, RYSE Center


New approaches are currently developing under:

1. Luminare Group, a consulting firm that incubates big ideas, then releases them into the wild.

2. e+e ventures, which staffs the Equitable Evaluation Initiative (EEI). EEI seeds a field of practitioners of the Equitable Evaluation Framework™ (EEF), who are reimagining the purpose and practice of evaluation as a gateway to how we construct knowledge. 

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Advising includes: 

  • Coaching

  • Consulting

  • Service

Jara currently serves on the following: 

“I met Jara in 2017, when I was at a pivotal moment in my personal/professional journey. In an incredibly unassuming way, Jara invited me to be fully myself in my work and gave me permission to envision a different path forward.
I think that is one of the gifts Jara brings to those in her orbit, the opportunity to see a future of possibility and make a paradigm shift into that future vision.”

Kristy Klein Davis

President, Healthcare Georgia Foundation

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