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Start Where You Start

Written on a plane somewhere from someplace in the US on my phone in Evernote.


Apparently I have feelings and thoughts about a host of things. Perhaps it’s because I am Capricorn rising, sun in Sagittarius and moon in Scorpio.

A photo of the author, Jara, as an infant sitting on the floor in a white short sleeved onesie
Jara as a wee one - not sharing date (smile)

Maybe it’s because I have been at the edge of the philanthropic ecosystem for almost 30 years in a variety of roles and in all types of relationships with the various actors and have done and witnessed some things (and then some).

Or perhaps it’s my all girls Main Line prep school education and parents at every turn who made choices to ensure I had more than what was needed and never had to worry about a thing.

Likely it is all the things and more. And to be honest it doesn’t matter. Rationalizing my worth is another narrative I’m gonna reject.

Instead I am going to write for and to the future, noting I no longer believe time is linear.

I write (or more broadly: communicate) for those who might share my identity as well as those who do not but are aware that this current construct is not for most of us. It denies our humanity and interdependence.

There are pieces from the past I may revisit and revise or just leave as is. Cause the truth is as much has stayed the same as has changed. There will be new pieces as well.

I am frequently reminded of the centrality of compassion for self and others as well as the beauty and gift of grace. And ease will always be my preferred path.

May whatever follows next from this carbon based life form bring you closer to that as well while we co-create different ways.


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