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musings & machinations: Welcome

Musings - “act of pondering, meditation, thought”;

Machinations - "a plotting, an intrigue”

In July 2020 musings & machinations came to be. Because history and context matter, a little backstory. In the early days of the COVID-19 Bay Area lock down I suddenly and spontaneously began writing. Neither Luminare Group nor Equitable Evaluation Initiative were appropriate platforms. My comms consultant said, you need your own site, (which has now become an archive).

The name reveals a few things about me:

  • lower case because I constantly downplay;

  • wordplay and irreverence, thus the abbreviation;

  • an affinity for alliteration (see what I did there), and

  • borderline edge crossing.

Since that summer much has revealed itself about who we are as a species who live here. I continue to struggle with what to call this place. United seems distant; federated feels more aligned with original governance, and America was the name of a man who mapped a land already known and inhabited - that was a musing and also fact.

Past writing has been about myself, what I witness and think. In other places, my heart compels me to post a picture and deepish thoughts.

It is now 2022.

I still write. Mostly because it is an effort not to do so - a physical and heartfelt pain. And I choose ease (not to be confused with easy).

Pondering how to express myself in a non-written form, as well as how to move beyond English.

Will continue this experiment (as that is what our time is on this planet) until it feels like labor, not one of love.


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