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Original Mistakes

Started 2/17/22 and finished 2/19/22 written on my new iPad! Sitting in the living room upstairs looking out the window.


I recently had the delight of spending time with Evie O’Brien, Director, The Atlantic Institute. Abi Diamond arranged the meeting – thinking (and perhaps even more so feeling) that we would ‘click.’ She was not wrong.

The in and outs of our connection are for us, but there was this moment when Evie said something that stopped me because it sat so true. It was a phrasing that speaks so much to where I am in my life and my work.

Original Mistakes. Original. Mistakes.

I have no desire to do what has been done before and then fein surprise and disappointment when the experience and result falls short.

What I am curious about is all the different ways we might be together, come together and explore together honoring the multitude of human experiences.

I am curious about what happens when we do not just center but embrace our complexities. We may find expressions of justice and liberation that reflect equity and move us toward freedom.

I am also curious about what happens when abundance and love - a “combination of care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect and trust" (bell hooks, 2019) are the basis of how we move through our time on this planet.

Any mistake made that reflects alignment with and advancement of the above is one I welcome.


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