To What End?

Getting On The Same Page

April 15, 2014

It is tough to lead an organization committed to improving the lives of others. Month after month you face the enormity of the need and the impact on the lives of everyday people.  Repeatedly, you have to scale seemingly intractable barriers just to get a foothold that will allow you to make a sustainable difference.

We believe an evaluative mindset is a critical competency, needed to deepen your knowledge and understanding of your organization. It is a way of thinking and being that lets you better leverage your strengths and your ability to define, describe, and document the difference you make.

When you embrace evaluative thinking, you and your organization will be able to answer the following questions with similar answers:

  1. What is your unique contribution to the issue you seek to address?
  2. What difference do you seek to make?
  3. How are you working (or should be working) with/in the larger system to make lasting change?
  4. What are you learning in your work? How will or do you apply those learnings to improve efforts and increase effectiveness?
  5. What do you need to do to increase your likelihood of demonstrable success?

And in doing so, you shift from hoping that your efforts contribute to change to aligning all efforts and resources to that end.



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