To What End?

Evaluation and Nietzsche

September 18, 2014


As I was looking for quotes andimages to support a different post, I stumbled upon this quote from Nietzsche (The Gay Science, s.112, Walter Kaufmann translation). It has resonance for me to the tensions related to causality which often plague evaluation and endeavors related to addressing social and community conditions.

Cause and effect: such a duality probably never exists; in truth we are confronted by a continuum out of which we isolate a couple of pieces, just as we perceive motion only as isolated points and then infer it without ever actually seeing it.

The suddenness with which many effects stand out misleads us; actually, it is sudden only for us. In this moment of suddenness there are an infinite number of processes which elude us.

An intellect that could see cause and effect as a continuum and a flux and not, as we do, in terms of an arbitrary division and dismemberment, would repudiate the concept of cause and effect and deny all conditionality.

I think he was on to something.

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