To What End?

I wish…

October 13, 2014

I wish that:

  1. imagesWhen the topic of evaluation comes up that the next thing said is “what do we want to know?” and “how are we going to use that information?
  2. The non profit and social sectors would organize in to 5-7 cross-cutting goals and focus strategies and accountability on a related set of outcomes and objectives that could speak to aggregate impact across fields and disciplines
  3. The conversations and actions related to inclusion and diversity were connected to equity shifting our individual and collective means and aims
  4. We stopped coming up with new terms and monikers of what is simply effective practice (i.e developmental evaluation, equitable evaluation, emergent strategy) and focused more on the capacities, competencies and context needed to have meaningful impact.
  5. Principles of evaluative thinking were embedded in to undergraduate and graduate schools of non profit management and philanthropy.

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