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supporting people, efforts, and organizations in deepening their contributions and connections and finding joy and purpose


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Jara laughs into the sun
Jara smiles, looking off to the right of the camera

For the past 25+ years, Jara Dean-Coffey has partnered with people, organizations, and efforts to elevate their collective understanding of the relationship between values, context, strategy, and evaluation, shifting practices and mindsets so that they are more fully in service of equity, justice and liberation


She’s got about 5-6 years left in her, so get in while the get-ins good.

musings & machinations


Dr. Chera Reid, PhD 
Co-Executive Director
Center for Evaluation Innovation

"Jara invites both/and thinking that expands possibilities and reminds that our work toward equity and justice requires head, heart, and hands. She steps into possibility and invites me to do the same."


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