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Somewhere en route from DC to SFO.  Rookie mistake having nothing downloaded or offline.* So I shall write and see what comes forth.

*Note: Libby Smith in response to my mistake comment shared… ‘You don’t make mistakes like that. Could be that the universe had other plans for your time in the air.’


This is not sustainable. None of it. 

Photo of a cerulean blue sky with large white clouds and the slightest tips of palm leaves in the corners of the frame: Photo credit: jdc taken in Catalina Foothills June 25, 2022
Photo credit: jdc, taken in Catalina Foothills June 25, 2022

Mother Nature is sending us longer and louder warnings that our inability to live in harmony with each other and with her will be our demise not hers. We will not be the first species she will out live noting we are doing quite well in the self destructive category without assistance.

We must embrace different ways of being with and moving through our time in this plane of existence.

So with that as a truth, I am recommitting to:

  • Affirming abundance: I will not operate from a place of scarcity. There is more than enough.

  • Compassionate curiosity: Questions often come from a place of fear and insecurity. I will meet more-so with a desire to understand the pain points.

  • Intentional experimenting: I want more purposeful play - trying new ways of being in this work and world with assumptions, intentions and values made explicit. Original mistakes .

  • Leading with love: Just what it means. “Love as defined by care, affection, recognition, respect, trust and honest communication.” (hooks, 2019

  • Staying at my edges:  I see nothing but possibilities. I have to be more patient and practice all the aforementioned.

  • Sustaining spaciousness: Being different cannot happen if urgency is the default as it allows no time for recognition and recalibration. I will continue to create and cultivate as much space as I can for myself and others.

*Confirming both Libby and the Universe, I wrote four pieces simultaneously and finalized another draft while on the plane. 


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