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Started while walking around and felt compelled to stop beneath a tree and begin. It’s a beautiful fall day around 1:00 PST.

Photo of a yellow rose with pink edges with water droplets throughout
San Rafael, CA • November 08, 2022 by jdc

Tears made a reappearance the September of 2023 after a series of learnings or maybe they were reminders of the fragility, beauty and cruelty of life which would not exist without death, a reality that comes to us all. 

October is different. I find tears slowly making their way down my cheeks throughout the day. Occasionally there is sobbing from deep within. It is brief and my body shakes and contracts. Most of this is in silence.

The tears are one external expression of the emotions and energy within this muscle that reminds me that every beat is a gift. One to be cherished be it in sorrow or joy and all the in-betweens. 

My heart is fully engaged. 


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