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A Moment

Written while sitting in a car in a parking lot about to go to the market while listening to a new playlist that just went from Adam Ant to Missy Elliot. It’s about 3:17 pm on Saturday, August 12, 2022. It does not escape me that yesterday was a full moon in Aquarius.


Today is one of those days where I feel very much alone. Not lonely mind you, as I have friends and family who get me and support me as I am and becoming. 

But alone in the sense that I am not sure who to talk with about the clear threads I see that tie us to a way of being and knowing that will likely lead to our demise. And the myriad of paths forward that if we own our collective histories and value each of our truths are within our grasp. 

We MUST get smarter. And kinder and more generous and more loving, etc. 

I donʼt think we are at the end of days. But I do believe our way, as a species, particularly on this part of the planet where I live (I donʼt know what to call this place that is stolen and raped with wealth built on the backs of stolen people) is unsustainable. 

And yet there are times when I read a poem, listen to an astrological analysis or see and feel that instance when someone I am talking to sets themselves free where I think, no - I believe, that we are simply in a moment. 

This is just a moment, Jara. It will pass.

A lioness lying upon a boulder
Africa Safari Serengeti Ikoma • Photo: jdc taken June 14, 2016


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